Toyota Yaris IA

The average new price of a car rises every year and that is why we decided on the Toyota Yaris IA 2017 Sedan review to give  alternatives to first time car buyers.

A lot of first time buyers are feeling the effects of high car prices. The Toyota Yaris IA is the newest entry in the sub-compact segment.

The  Yaris IA is Toyota’s first ever Sedan and is also the least expensive offering from the company  along the vertical. The Yaris does not look like any Toyota product. This is because the car is over 90% Mazda


The Yaris a big gaping front end which is synonymous in most Mazda vehicles. The car offers standard 16 inch wheels. The Sedan profile looks traditional and it is very easy to confuse the car with a Mazda 3.Because it is a sedan, it is longer than the hatch back.

It comes only as a mono spectrum and is well equipped. You get to pick between color and transmission for just $16000.


The interior still looks like a Mazda and Toyota have done very little to give it their own signature look. It is easy to get inside the vehicle and there is a relatively high roof. The door sounds nice and solid and there is a great chassis. It has push button as standard which means you don’t have to put the key in the ignition.

The engine is pure Mazda. It is a 1.5 ltr sky active G gasoline injection cylinder. There is a nice leather stitched dash area which looks identical to the Mazda X3. There is also silver painted ascents on the door panels with leather stitches on the arm rest.

The infotainment is the Mazda connect head unit which is an upgrade if you look at the old Mazda units. It does not have satellite navigation as a default. You will have to get an SD card to add navigation. There is also no satellite radio or android auto. You can always hook up your phone via Bluetooth.

The seats are decent, the cloth feels nice and they have decent support .The leg room in the rear is disappointing. The Head rest digs into your back and you will have to adjust it to be comfortable. You have to open up the trunk from the inside because the Toyota Yaris IA does not have the intelligence access key. The space is decent as you get 13.9 cubic ft of room. The fuel economy is very strong as you can get 30 MPG on the higher and 31 in the city.


The driving dynamics of the Yaris will keep on reminding you that it is a Mazda. It is a fun car to drive especially with the 6 speed manual transmission. It has 106 HP so you should not expect a lot of power. The manual helps because the response is almost immediate when you put your foot down. The engine is relatively refined and gets buzzy at higher RPMs.

The visibility is good, big side mirrors and nice view out in the front and the back. The vehicle sucks up the bumps without any trouble and handles well. In terms of quietness, aside of the buzz in the engine, you will hear some road noises. You should have in mind that it is an entry level car and should not expect full premium features that you would get in a compact car. The car will definitely surprise you if you are looking for cheap wheels with a sporty feel added into it.

The clutch on the car is very light. It engages towards the end of the travel which may be a problem to some people.

The big question is should you buy the Toyota Yaris 1A? The biggest flaw has to be the bulge in the front. Otherwise it is a pretty decent car given the price range.Toyota could definitely have done a better job in differentiating the Yaris from Mazda’s entry level vehicles. It should be said you can add a few thousand dollars and get a compact car with better features and a little more power.