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    Best Kicker Amp 2019- Complete Buyer’s Guide

    Thinking of upgrading you car audio system? The Kicker Amp might just what you need to take your audio system to the next level. They are built for quality and consistent performance. We have reviewed some of the best Kicker amps in the market today. Depending on your power and performance requirements, you will definitely  […]


      Best 6 Channel Amp 2019 With Comparison Table

      If you are looking for the best 6 channel amp then you are at the right place.  Most factory audio systems leave a lot to be desired. It even gets worse if you buy a second hand vehicle. That is why audio enthusiasts are opting for configurations so as to get the best out a […]


        Best 2 Channel Amp 2019

        Have you been asking yourself on whether to go for a 2 channel amp or 4 channel amp? In which scenarios will you get the best out of your sound system? A 2 channel configuration means you’ll have to wire the back and the front  left to  a single channel and the inverse is true. […]


          Best 4000 Watt Amp-Buyer’s Guide

          Looking for the perfect 4000 Watt Amp? What are your needs when it comes to car audio systems? How are you going to use the amps? If you can answer these questions then we have compiled  the list of the best 4000 Watt Amps in the market. Best 4000 Watt Amp In The Market 2019 […]


            Best 1500 Watt Amp

            There is no fun in having a nice vehicle  without a proper audio system. Most cars factory audio equipment  are overwhelmingly inferior.  Which begs the question, which is the best 1500 Watt Amp you can use to juice up  the sound in your vehicle? Best 1500 Watt Amp The 1500 amp is for those who […]


              Best 4 Channel Amp 2019

              Before you decide to buy a 4 channel amp, you need to understand what exactly you are getting and the type of configuration being installed in your vehicle. A 4 Channel Amplifier is used in a scenario where  the 4 door speakers need to be powered by an amp. They are bridgeable for multiple set […]