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Most car factory windows come transparent an getting the best window tint films be a tricky affair as a result of both internal and external factors.

There has been a lot of mystery surrounding the use of car tints. There are those believe that tinting the windows of a vehicle reduces the temperature inside. Before you go ahead and tint your window, there are some things you need to have in mind.

Window Tinting Basics

The term window tinting is sometimes used carelessly. Car tinting generally means the process of preventing certain  amounts of light from passing through the window glass.

There are those vehicles that come already tinted and the process took place during the manufacturing stage. Such vehicles manufacturers make sure they are compliant with the both the federal and state laws when it comes to car tinting.

Tint Laws           

Such laws usually fall under the state and the biggest concern when it comes to window tinting has to be what is termed acceptable concerning the level of ”luminous reflectance” or ”light transmittance”.

In most states, the acceptable level of light transmittance should not go below 35%. Measuring light transmittance can be a tricky affair to measure let alone understand. It is always recommended that you have your vehicle inspected so that you are not breaking the law.

If you have confidence in your own ability you can go ahead and buy a device measuring light transmission and that is the photometer.

Medical Necessity

There are circumstances where you may be allowed to have partial or full tints depending on your medical condition. These exemptions may apply to people with an existing visual related medical condition. Such conditions include Lupus, Melanoma, photosensitivity and sunlight allergy. A person should be able to produce proof certified from a medical professional that he she suffers from the mentioned conditions.

The rule of thumb is to make sure that the light transmittance does not go below the 35% mark. Having said that, we have reviewed the best tint films that you can use in your vehicle.

5 Best Window Tint To Buy

  1. Black Magic, Insta Cling Window Tint

Black magic is a big name in the automobile industry. They have products ranging from car soaps, wheel cleaners, shiners and everything in between.

When it comes to their window tints, they offer an array of choices ranging from 5% dark to 35% light.

The black magic is very easy to apply and does an excellent job in resisting fade thus lasting for a very long time.

You don’t have to worry about buying adhesive or glue as the window tint holds static. Another strong selling point is the ability to remove and reuse which you will not find in many tint brands. It has metalized layer which helps in reflecting heat.

Putting it on can be a tricky affair as  it can be quite stretchy. It is recommended that you have sharp knife or razor with you when installing it.

best window tint

  1. OxGord Car Window Tinting

This has to be the cheapest window tint on the list. You will get 10” by 20” wide roll of film. This brand is not well known but they have one of the best tint films and they are very affordable.

OxGord know just how challenging applying tint can be. In the packaging you will get a box cutter knife and a tiny squeegee to make it easy to cut the tint film.

The instruction manual will also come in handy if you are applying the tint on your own. With OXgord, you can be sure of the highest level of durability because their tints are made of high quality material.

est window tint

  1. GILA Xtreme Window Tint For Cars 2.5%-35%

You might have heard of GILA as it is a well known brand the car tinting industry. The tint can get as light as 35% and as dark as 2.5% which we don’t recommend.

The GILA Xtreme Window has a very strong adhesive which means it will be difficult to get it off.

The product is 100% made in the USA and they offer a 90 day warranty which is impressive. It has received stellar ratings thus making it one of the best window tint films.

best window tint

  1. Portint Windows Car Tint Film 5%-50%

Protint is another company known for producing high quality industrial film tints. Their windows car tint is just of the same high quality as their other products.

One of the biggest selling point of this product is its 99% resistance to UV rays. The range is between 5% -50% for light and dark respectively. For just under $20, you can get 12 inch by 24 feet long tint film which is more than enough to fit 4 windows.

best window tint


  1. Lexen Car Tint Film 5%-50%

The Lexan car tint is also designed for industrial use but can still be used on personal vehicles. Applying can be a little bit it tricky because it is thicker than normal tint films.

This lexan car tint will create a tint film with range of 5% light and as dark as 50%. You can get 20x 10 feet roll of film for under 15 bucks and is enough to tint all the windows in your vehicle. It is certainly up there with the best window tint films you can get in the market.

best window tint

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You want to make sure you are not breaking the law when you are tinting the car windows. To know what is legal in your state, we suggest you go through this website.To get good looking windows, it is important that you use only the best window tint film.