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Wheels sometimes can be stubborn to clean and that is why you need the best wheel cleaners for a thorough job. Wheels and tires go through all kind of dirt as they are directly in contact with the ground. There is also the internal factor of constant bombardment hot iron dusts coming from the brake pads.

It will always be a challenge to keep the wheels clean especially if you are doing  complete car detailing.

The best wheel cleaners should be able to reduce the break-on grime up to a point where you only need a pressure washer to do the remaining work.

Tires are the part of the vehicle where all kinds of dirt and grime are found. They will in most cases require heavy duty cleaning in order to restore the original shine and level of cleanliness.

Getting your wheels to look like when you bought them will require the right tools and a lot of scrubbing. Normal detergents just won’t cut it for you. You need cleaners that are specifically designed for wheels.

We have reviewed some of the best wheel and tires cleaners. Some are stand along products while others are a combination. One thing you can be sure of is you will get the right set of tools to clean your tires.

We have looked at the type of wheels this cleaners can handle, extra features and the cost.

Top 7 Wheel Cleaners To Buy For Your Car

1.Trinova Wheel Cleaner Rim Cleaning Spray

Grime and dirt is the number cause of dirty tires. The Trinova is among the best wheel cleaners as it melts any dust and grime that may have accumulated from oil residue to brake dust.

It is also effective during winter especially against salt and snow which interferes with the look of tires.

There are also those tough stains that won’t go away no matter how hard you scrub. The Trinova wheel cleaner will restore the shine of your wheels by getting rid of such stains because of its highly effective and concentrated formula.

This cleaner is compatible with most type of wheels from chrome to aluminum. It is also acid free and you will never have to worry about damaging your wheels.

The product is safe to use as it is non-toxic and you can be sure that the brake system and the lug nuts in your vehicle won’t be damaged.

For the best wheel and tire cleaner, we highly recommend the Trinova as it gets the job done very well.

Best wheel cleaners

2.Car Guys Wheel And Tire Cleaner

This product is among the best wheel cleaners and it all has to do with the quality. It is safe to use on aluminum, clear coated, chrome, plastic-dipped and painted rims.

Roads salts can be detrimental to your wheels. This is particularly common during the winter time. Salts will damage the protective coats of your wheels and ultimately create rust spots. The car guys premium wheel cleaner will wash it all away easily.

This product is environmental friendly and you don’t have to worry  as it is acid-free,ph balanced, non-toxic and 100% made in the USA.

This product will also restore the brightness and shine of your wheels. It can also be used on motorcycles and if you have some vintage cars, then this is the ideal product to use on the rims.

Another great thing about car guys is they provide 100% money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the product. This just goes to show the confidence they have in the product to perform.

Best wheel cleaners

  1. Chemical Guys CLD_203_16 Signature Series Wheel Cleaner

Chemical guys are well known in the automotive detailing industry for their quality products and the wheel cleaners are no exception. They manufacturer one of the best degreasers in the market. The same technology has been used in their tire cleaners.

It works on all kinds of wheels from chrome, clear coated and aluminum. The chemical guys signature series wheel cleaner is designed using a new citrus-based formula which pulls off every  grime, dust, debris for fresh clean wheels anytime of the year.

The citrus formula is 35% stronger than most wheel cleaners and will break down even the strongest of stains. The formula can always be diluted for lighter cleaning needs.

For heavy duty jobs like cleaning grease, road grime or heavily saturated break dust, it is recommended that the cleaner is used at full strength. For not so dirty wheels, the wheel cleaner can be diluted up to 8:1.There is a specification on the bottle on how the product should be diluted. This is one of the best wheel cleaners you find in the market today.

best wheel cleaners


  1. Sonax (230241) Wheel Cleaner Plus

With Sonax, you don’t have to worry whether you are using anodized, coated or painted wheels. It is environmentally-friendly as it is PH balanced and acid free.

This product is 30% stronger than your average wheel cleaner and you can get the results by scrubbing those tough stains and grime with a soft brush.

The product will turn red when it begins working by loosening the  break dust and dirt on the wheels.

You can trust this product to work on even classical automobile which need thorough detailing in order to restore the shine. Most products require a lot of scrubbing for the stains to come off but not the sonax cleaner. The break dust just drops off as soon the cleaner turns red.

It might be a little expensive that most of the products we have reviewed but it does an excellent job in cleaning wheels and tires.

best wheel cleaners


5. Meguiar’s Hot Rims All Wheel Cleaner

Meguiar are well known in manufacturing car care products and their wheel cleaner is  of the same  high quality.

This has to be the cheapest wheel cleaner on the list but you still get a decent 24oz.. The product is also safe to use on clear coated and factory painted rims.

It comes in an easy to use trigger spray bottle and is good for detailing and will clean grease, dust, grime and dirt from your wheels.

It should however  be noted that this product is not recommended for heavy cleaning as you are likely to get frustrated with the results. If you want to clean not so dirty tires then this cleaner is for you. You can get 2 bottles for less than 10 bucks which can take for at least 5 cleaning sessions without a problem.

It may not be up there with the best wheel cleaners but it still does a decent job if is not heavy wheel cleaning.

best wheel cleaners


  1. 3M 39036 Wheel and Tire Cleaner

3M is more known for their adhesive products but have still done an excellent job with their tire cleaner.

It comes in a 16oz bottle and does not require any kind of dilution which is just perfect for a wheel cleaner. It can easily clean grime, grease break dust and tough stains that won’t come out.

This cleaner will also prevent rotting by removing excessive grease without having to dry the tires.

If you want your tires to regain the factory look then this is your best bet. It is perfect for car detailing.


Best wheeel cleaners

  1. Mothers 05924 Foaming Wheel & Tire Cleaner

Last but not least on the list is the mothers foaming wheel and tire cleaner. Mothers is also well known in automotive detailing.

Their wheel and tire cleaner will work on most wheels just requiring a little scrubbing to get the grim and dirt off.

The best way to keep your tires safe is through regular maintenance and mothers wheel and tire cleaner does a good job in that regard.

It has a unique spot free rinse formula which means you don’t need to hand dry the tires after the washing. It is not heavy duty but should work fine for light cleaning.

best wheel cleaners



Having  clean and shining tires gives your vehicle an aesthetic look to it. There are those stubborn stains that won’t go away. In such situations you will need only the best wheel cleaners to get rid of the grime and dust.

Quality and results should be on top of the list when searching for wheel cleaners. The best way you can know if a product is good is getting read what other people are saying about it and how it is rated.