There is no shame in searching for the best RC trucks if you are an adult. RC racing is an enjoyable hobby  and can also be a bonding session with the kids. There are different kind of RC trucks the most popular ones being electric and nitro RC trucks.

Buggies are close to trucks and also provide the same off road experience. They can manage high jumps and you will never have to worry about spare parts as they are readily available. The big question is what would you be looking for when looking for the best RC Trucks to buy?

Ease of driving

This is often an overlooked consideration but it is really important.  There is a lot misleading information out there and it can sometimes be overwhelming. A good RC truck should be easy and enjoyable to drive regardless of the speed. Usually RC trucks with brushed electric motor are easier to drive compared to those that run on gas  or nitro.

Ready To Run (RTR)

If you are not handy person or into DIY then we would recommend that you go for RC trucks that are ready to go off the box. RTRs trucks come already assembled and you can take it for a test run immediately it is off the box. You should make sure the remote control and the batteries and the charger is there.


Size does matter when it comes to RC trucks but you should not go overboard as the driving experience can quickly turn to be mundane. You want a truck that can easily go over dirt, trails and bumps. Smaller trucks usually have a problem of going over slippery surfaces like grass. Our advice would be to go a large truck but not too large.


The RC truck you buy should be able to go for a long time. A sealed truck would be ideal to prevent the electronic components from damage by the  elements. You also want a truck that has the spares readily available should you need them. Often a times, the tires, suspension.  motor and the body will need replacement.


There is nothing that is a big bummer than having your RC truck stop moving because the battery has died. You should have a battery charger that is fast enough and should not take more than an hour for the batteries to be fully charged.

Having said that, we have reviewed some of the best RC cars you buy that meet the mentioned prerequisites.

Top 5 Best RC Trucks And Buggies To Buy

  1. Traxxas Slash 4×4 Brushless PRO 4WD RC Truck

This is the ultimate RC truck and has been engineered to precision. It features high-volume with a low chassis and is the perfect RC truck for short-course racing.

It is ready to run off the box and comes with a receiver and a transmitter although the battery is not included in the package. It has a clear body which means you can customize it with your own color or signature paint. The components that come with this RC truck include: sway bars for both the front and the rear and a clear aluminum suspension.

For superior performance, the chassis has been designed with low center of  gravity in mind. The electronics and the battery are held low so to distribute weight loss on the chassis of the RC truck.

It boasts of an extreme brushless power motor which  will not topple even when there is hard-charge acceleration or when under a load.

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  1. Traxxas Stampede Monster RC Truck

This is another one from Traxxas who you may have known by now produce some of the best RC trucks and cars in the market.

This one comes  in 4×4 wheel truck drive or a rear wheel truck drive but there are cost implications involved for the two. It is ideal for high jumping and comes with  exceptional ground clearance with tuned trail differentials making it a beast when it comes to off road driving.

It is completely waterproof and you don’t have to worry about internal electronics when driving on wet surfaces.

It comes fully assembled and can be used by just any age group as it is easy to drive. The engineering makes modifications and repairs easy by just removing a few screws on the front and rear sections of the RC truck.

The extra ground clearance is meant to tackle rough terrains and provide more off-road versatility.

The training module used which is a technology patented by Traxxas is able to reduce the power output by half while the brakes are at full strength. This is handy for inexperienced drivers or those who are trying RC trucks for the first time. This RC truck is able to achieve a speed of 30-35 mph and you get a 15 minute run time.

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3. Tamiya TAM58372 Tamiya RC Truck

This RC truck is a realistic representation of a real truck. It also has a realistic ladder frame and you get 3-shaft transmission and a shaft for the 4W drive system.

It doesn’t have the top speed you would expect or jumping ability but still does a good job in crawling rocks. It also has a superior built quality and has an aesthetic feel to it.

The RC truck is on the higher side when it comes to price and it has everything to do with the craftsmanship that has gone into building it.

It should be noted that the kit does not include electronics. This is one of the best rc trucks you will get when it comes realistic features.

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  1. RedCat Racing Shockwave Nitro Radio Control Buggy

This one has to be one of my favorite RC trucks. It feels like you in a mad max movie when you are racing one of these bad boys.

It runs on nitro which is a contrast compared with the other RC cars we have reviewed and what’s more exciting is you can get for less than 200 bucks.

It has a 2.677cc vertex engine which will perfectly handle all your off road needs. It has a 4 wheel drive with a single transmission although it does not have the reverse option. The 2.4 GHz remote control is able to run multiple cars at the same time without any problems.

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  1. RedCat Racing Electric Volcano EPX Radio Control Truck

This is one of the best rc trucks you get if you are just starting out at the hobby. It is also the cheapest on the list compared to the others which you will have to pay twice as much.

It is an electric powered RC truck and will provide more than enough power to give you the best off road experience. It is both reliable and durable and you can easily get the spare parts in case of damage.

It is recommended you read the full manual so as to get the best out of the RC truck especially when it comes to battery life.

It is ready to run off the box and the shaft driven 4W gives you the ability to maneuver even in the toughest of terrains. It might go toe to toe with the best rc trucks on the list but still provides value for money especially if you are on a budget.

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