Electricity  supply in your vehicle is of utmost importance and that is why you need the best power inverter. The 12v can only go so far and it can only get worse if you want to power your amp and subs and any other power hungry devices in your vehicle.

The most important question you should be asking yourself is what you are going to use the power inverter for. The main function of a power inverter is converting electricity from  DC(direct current) to AC (Alternative current).

The Inverter power size will be dependent on the electronics in your vehicle by determining their status wattage.

DC to AC power inverters are available in different watt sizes. You can find them as small as 50 Watts to as big as 6000 Watts. With 6000 W of power you should be able to power 50amps worth of devices while 50 Watts should be able to power most household electronics without a problem.

A vehicle inverter should be more than 1000 Watts although you can get away with less depending on your power needs. We have reviewed some of the best power inverters in the market to make it easy for you.

Best Power Inverter Buyer’s Guide

1. KRIËGER KR1500 1500W 12V Power Inverter

KRIËGER is a synonymous name in the inverter industry. They have a range of quality products and their 1500 Watt Inverter is no exception.

This inverter comes with a wired remote controller and you can easily connect the 12 DC to 120 AC cables to your battery even if you are a novice.

The inverter is built with extra safety in mind  and you can view from the LCD if there is a short circuit or temperature overload. The LCD will also show the battery level, input voltage and output wattage.

It has an excellent design for the price and doesn’t overheat quickly. There is no big difference between this and their  2000W inverter. It all boils down to your needs as to what is the Best power Inverter.


  • 1500 Watts Continuous Power
  • 3000 Watts Peak Power
  • LCD Display: Input Voltage / Output Wattage / Battery Level
  • Ultra Silent (Thermal Fan)
  • 2 x Standard North American AC Outlets
  • 2 x USB Charging Ports 2.1A (shared)
  • Tablet Charging Compatible From USB Ports
  • 3 Ft. Battery Cables Included
  • Wired Remote Control Included
  • ANL Fuse Kit Included
  • 3 Year Warranty
  1. KRIEGER KR2000 2000 Watt 12V Dual Power Inverter

This is a another inverter from KRIEGER. It has almost similar features with our number one reviewed product. The only difference is the wattage. We high recommend this power inverter as it will take care of most of your car power needs.

This device has 12V DC to 120V AC converter which can be accessed from the USB or the two power outlets. Just like the 1500w, this one too comes with a wired remote control  for adjusting the variable settings.

It also has an LCD screen where you can view the safety status of the inverter which is essential so that you can know if there is overload or short circuiting.

During installation, it is important that you keep the car running. It is highly recommended that the wires are directly connected to the 12V battery.

Some people may find this power inverter expensive but it is worth every penny. You will never have to worry about the power needs in your car. Over 200 reviews with stellar ratings, this could easily be the best power Inverter you will find.

3. Power Bright APS600-12 Pure Sine Power Inverter 600 Watt

Dirty power has become a major pain because nowadays electronic devices are very sensitive to any electric variations. According to pure sin, their inverters provide clean and premium power which is the same or better than the one provided with your regular electrical company.

There is 90% lower harmonic distortion than the typical modified wave inverters. Inductive loads like electronics that use motors run faster and efficiently with the . Power Bright APS600.

This power inverter reduces both audible and physical noise and can handle all kind of devices ranging from TV to car amplifiers.

This 600 Watt Sin power inverter plugs directly to a 12v battery can be used to power most of the electronics in the vehicle.

It has an aluminum casing for durability and a built-in fan to keep it cool even when used for long hours and will automatically shut down in case of overload, thermal or short circuit problems. This is particularly impressive if you need to power sensitive electronics in your car.


  • Continuous Power: 600W
  • 650 watts continuous power (20 min.)
  • Peak Load Power Rate: 1000W
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: < 3%
  • Input DC Voltage Range: 10-15.5V
  • No Load Current Draw: < 0.85A
  • Output Frequency Range: 60 +/- 3Hz
  • Output Voltage Range: 115 +/- 10%
  • Max Power Efficiency: 90%
  • Low Voltage Alarm: 10.5 +/- 0.5V
  • High Voltage Cut Off: 15.5 +/- 1V
  1. BESTEK 300W Power Inverter DC 12V to 110V AC Car Inverter

This is a relatively small inverter compared to others on the list. It as a simplistic and compact design with aluminum casing for enhanced durability.

It has 2 USB charging ports which can be used to hook up your DVD player, IPad, video camcorders and a lot more.

If you intend to go on  a road trip and want to get entertained while on the road then this is the power inverter for you.

It has a continuous cooling system which means the inverter can  go for extended hours without a problem.

It should be noted that this inverter  cannot be used with powered electric devices as it may cause a system overload. It should also not be placed in direct sunlight to prevent overheating.


  • Rated Power: 300W, 350W Max, 700W Peak
  • Input Voltage: 12V DC, Output Voltage: 230V


  • USB Port Output : DC 5V, 3.1A (Rated Current)


  • Indicator: Dual color LED (Green-Operation, Red-Shutdown)


  • Over Voltage Shutdown: DC 15V-16V, Low Voltage Shutdown: DC 10V-11V


  • Fuse: Built in 40A fuse


  • Cord Length: Approximate 27inch/70CM


  1. BESTEK 1000W Power Inverter

This may not be the cheapest inverter in the market but is also not the most expensive. It comes with cable clamps and a cigarette adapter. The fan is controlled by output power which is an important feature because sometimes the fun runs on full speed when it is turned on which can be very annoying.

Hooking it up with your car is easy as you can either use the clamp that comes with the inverter or you can hook it up directly with the power cord into the cigarette lighter.

It has a rugged design with a cooling fan which is meant to keep the  inverter from overheating. In case of reverse connections or overload, the BESTEK 1000 power inverter doesn’t blow up but instead it gives you a red illumination to let you know that there is a problem.

It might not be up there with the best power Inverter but gets the job done especially when it comes to electricity hungry vehicles.


  1. BESTEK 200W Power Inverter

This has to be the smallest power inverter on the list. It is the ideal power inverter if you are looking for something portable.

It is an updated version of its predecessor and features 200W continuous DC to AC power and 500 Watts peak output.

There are 3 different power outputs and additional 4 USB ports. It powers directly to your cigarette outlet lighter and has a switch thus you can turn it off when not in use.

There is plenty of ventilation despite its compact size so that the inverter doesn’t get hot too soon.

This is the Best power inverter if you do a lot of charging in the car and  comes in handy if you are an outdoor person. It fits perfectly in small areas and hardly noticeable which makes good for car use.


  1. Whistler PRO800W 800-Watt Power Inverter

Last but not least is the Whistle Pro 800W power inverter. It converts 12 Volt DC power to 110 volt AC power. It has 2 AC outlets, a USB port and the battery cables are also included.

The whistler inverter is ideal for use in a vehicle, outdoor and basically anywhere you will need portable power.

It can also be mounted on most platforms. Given the price, this is a pretty decent power inverter.



Getting the best power inverter may not be enough. It Is important that you check the power rating on each device you intend power then add up the wattage so that you know the exact power requirements.

For a car, you should go above and beyond just as a precaution to make sure that your devices are not underpowered. We hope this review has been helpful in your endeavor of finding the best power inverter.

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