When it comes to engines people want more power and there are those who believe the Best Octane Boosters can  help in this regard. There has been a lot f mystery about octane boosters and the dynamics are exaggerated in most cases.

Premium gas is high octane. Gasoline is made of different components with many different properties and octane is one of them. High Octane allows you to compress the fuel more with higher pressure and heat without spontaneous combustion.

If you use low octane gas in an engine that wants higher, the mixture  may combust simultaneously in the cylinder before the spark sets it off. This is called premature detonation or  ”knock”. The mini explosions that go on in a full cycle engine can be damaging in the long run for your vehicle.

Car makers are getting into high compression engines for  everyday cars because they get more power out of tiny engines which need less air and fuel to fill the engine in each cycle. Which begs the question, Why does high octane gas cost more than regular gas?

Oil refiners claim that they get less high octane gas out of a barrel of crude compared to other by-products. Secondly, different additives are added to it increase  the octane level in the gas. The main additive back in the day was LEAD but it is no longer used anymore.

The alternative would be to use octane boosters which are just as effective. We have reviewed the Best Octane Boosters for your car

Best Octane Boosters Buyer’s Guide

  1. Torco Accelerator 32oz The Best Fuel Additive

This has to be the best Octane Booster  you will find. How would it feel  to know that you could raise your engine’s octane level to 105? Sounds insane, right? Torco Accelerator 32oz claim to use the same additives that are used in race fuel and you can be sure of smooth and high performance from your engine.

You can easily customize the blending to fit your needs and it is available in 32 oz. This helps in efficiently burning the fuel completely which is necessary for high engine performance.

This octane booster can be used in high performance automobiles like race/street cars, UTV/ATV, watercraft, motorcycle, snowmobile and a lot more.


  1. Klotz Octane Booster, 128 Ounce Gallon

This is also on one of the best octane Boosters available in the market today. It may be a little on the higher side per gallon  when it comes to price but it does do an excellent job when it comes to engine performance.

You will immediately notice a huge difference in your vehicle low-end torque thus  more power and faster acceleration. As you all know lead has as an additive is so old school and that is why Klotz Octane Booster uses  tetraethyl concentration which is optimized to significantly reduce pre-ignition which is always as a result of low  octane.

The packaging comes in one gallon which is not common for octane boosters as majority comes in small cans.

The Klotz octane booster is compatible with most applications like gas, petroleum oil, synthetic lubricants and oils.

This octane booster  comes highly recommended for eradicating engine detonation and knocks by lubricating the upper cylinders.

For ethanol-powered trucks and cars, this the best octane booster for improved compression power and high engine performance.


  1. Royal Purple 11757 Max-Boost Octane Booster

The Royal Purple 11757 is of the most affordable octane boosters you will find. It boasts of having the MMT and you can be sure of your car octane rating being enhanced by a whooping three points. This particularly important in reducing engine knocking especially in vehicles with nitrous injection, supercharged and turbo systems.

What more impressing is its ability to clean fuel injector deposits for maximum engine power restoration. When it comes to compatibility, the  Royal Purple 11757 can work with ethanol, gasohol and unleaded gasoline blends.

It is recommended that you know your exact engine requirements in order to get the best out of this product. Compatibility is of utmost importance when looking for the best octane boosters and additives for your car’s engine.

  1. Lucas 10026 Octane Boost

The Lucas 10026 Octane Boost is a synonymous name in the octane industry and it is all because of their quality products and this one is no exception.

This octane does not only work well with fuel carbureted and fuel injected engines but can also be used for oxygen sensors and catalytic convertors.

Just like most reviewed octane boosters, the Lucas 10026 does a good job in reducing knocks in the engine.

The product has received stellar ratings because of its quality and affordability. If you are environmental conscious then you will love the Lucas octane Booster as it eradicate gas emissions as the clean fuel burns effectively.

The booster comes with portable containers which is ideal for driver who don’t live near gas stations. If you want more without having to worry about contaminants then this also a good choice. It is compatible with most engine types.

  1. 104+ 10406 Octane Boost

Last but not least is the 104+ 10406 octane boost. It is the cheapest octane booster we have reviewed as you can get it for under 10 bucks. Being the cheapest doesn’t mean it is not among the best octane boosters out there.

104+ are one of the pioneers in the market and first appeared in the 1970s when high compression muscle cars were all in the rage.

Its decades of existence just goes to show the consistency and quality of this product which can be attributed to the synthetic concentration unlike in the early days where LEAD additives was the norm.

The synthetic cleans the fuel system which simultaneously improving acceleration. It also reduces stalling, knocking and stalling as the time adding on the mileage. One of the best selling point about this product is that it does not have an expiry date thus can be used for a very long time although we don’t recommend doing so.

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The fuel system in a vehicle is complex as it contains many different components to operate at peak efficiency to ensure good performance. Unfortunately due to airborne contaminants and the residue producing gasoline, those parts can become crippled with deposits over time.

Sometimes the deposits result in obvious rough running while other times the damage may only be a gradual loss of power and fuel economy that can deprive you full enjoyment of your vehicle.

The good news is you can remove fuel system contaminants and help keep your engine in top working order by using only the best octane boosters and additives.

Fuel system parts like an injector can become contaminated with deposits which cause problems as they accumulate. If the deposits form a thick coating, they can act as a sponge reducing the amount of fuel delivered to the combustion chambers. The engine management system will in turn compensate by increasing fuel volume thus resulting to fuel economy problems.

The combustion chamber deep down your engine can also become heavily coated with deposits. This results in hot spots which causes pre-ignition. Because the deposits reduce chamber volume, the compression ratio increases. This causes knocks which damages pistons and other engine components.

The ideal time to take action would be before the problems become obvious. When it comes to today’s fuel systems, preventive maintenance is the best policy. You don’t want to wait until things get out of hand so that you take action.

Most performance problems that are not electronic in nature frequently involve fuel system failures. This could happen even if you are using high octane fuel in your vehicle.

The best octane boosters and additives can help prevent deposits from forming by dissolving residue before it develops a foot hold and call eliminate accumulated contaminants as well.

Most have robust formulation and offer a couple of benefits.  The reviewed products can help in removing even hard carbon product deposits which can cause serious problems in your engine.

Most additives are meant to both condition gasoline and clean fuel system parts. They help remove the moisture from gasoline that can cause rough running.

Fuel system additives are an important part of good automotive maintenance and it is important you chose only the best octane boosters and additives for maximum engine performance. This review is meant to guide you in the right direction.