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Choosing only the best jack stands  is for your safety and that of your vehicle. How do you know you can trust the jack stand you are using? The simple gesture would be to go under the vehicle while it is resting on the jerk.

You don’t have to break the bank to get the best jack stands which will guarantee you safety. As an extra precaution, you can always use floor jacks. It is just logical to use a set of jack stands whether you are changing breaks, tires or any other kind of mechanical work under your car.

Jack stands come in two main styles that is the ratchet lock with 4 legs and the pin lock which has 3 legs. The ratchet style is more popular as it easy to use providing more weight because of the 4 legs support structure.

It is very crucial that you check the owner’s manual before you crawl under your vehicle. Sometimes a flaw jack may not be enough and you will need additional support. For safety’s sake, you should always use two jack stands and the weight of the vehicle should be lowered into the stands.

In most cases, the rating of  a jack stand will depend on its capacity. Different jack stands will handle different capacity some even going up to 6 ton.

Floor jacks alone are not always safe because they have moving parts. Another reason could be floor jacks are subject to wear and tear. You don’t want to go under your vehicle with such inhibitions. Accidents do happen but the possibility will  greatly be reduced if you use floor jacks in addition to jack stands.

We have reviewed some of the best jack stands so that you will never have to worry about safety ever again.

  1. Torin T43002 3 Ton Jack Stands

This is one of the best jack stands you will get. It is made from high grade steel for maximum quality and durability. The Torin T43002 is popular because it is light in weight yet can handle up to 6000 lbs for both stands.

For precise and accurate adjustments, these jack stands have self-locking, multi-positioning ratchet bars. The top base is caved in for quicker and easy adjustability. It is the perfect jack stand for small to medium size vehicles.

The weight and height capabilities also makes it a perfect choice if you are working on pickups and SUVS.

It has a big saddle area that gives  a better contact with the load being supported by the jack stands.

best jack stands

  1. Torin T46002A Double Locking Jack Stands 6 Ton Capacity

This is another jack stand from Torin who are one of the main leaders in the industry. Just like we mentioned, one of the differences in jack stands come in weight handling.

The Torin T46002A has most of the quality features of the Torin T43002. You will get a total of 6 tones for both the jack stands.

The solid handles on each stand makes it easy to lift it up and down and can go up to 23.4 inches maximum.

Just like the Torin T43002, these jack stands also have large surface area which provides more contact. It also has a pin which helps in leveling the jack stands. Given that this is a Torin product, you are sure of getting one of the best jack stands.

best jack stands

  1. Hein-Werner HW93506 Heavy Duty Jack Stands 6 Ton Capacity

Hein-werner jack stands are 100% made in the USA. They are a little pricey than they your average jack stand and it has everything to do with the build quality.

The steel structure allows for a bigger load as you will 6000 lbs on each jack stand which is just excellent. It can go as low as 16.25 or as high as 25.75 inches.

It has a multi positing ratchet  system which provides the extra strength and durability for the jack stands.

It also has a dual purpose handle which can come in handy for both releasing the saddle column and carrying the handle.

To spread the weight evenly, it has a metal footing and the ratchet metal bar provides multi positioning capability.

best jack stands

  1. Performance Tool 6 Ton Capacity Heavy Duty Jack Stands

These jack stands are good for vehicles that are a bit heavier. It can support up to a total of 6 tons. Performance Tool are well known in the auto accessories for quality products and this one is no exception.

If you have a van, sedan or a SUV, this is one of the best Jack stands you can  buy. For proper ground clearance, these stands can go from as low as 15.5 inch to as high as 23.5 inches.

The heavy duty construction and the steel frame provide a wider base area for strength and stability under a load.

A few customers have complained about the packaging which leaves a lot to be desired since  it is covered in a flimsy box.

Overall it is a good product with beefy and smooth ratchet which engage with the lock easily when they go up. The posts also drop down exactly as they should when the release arm is lifted up.

best jack stands

  1. PowerZone Steel 2 Ton Car Jack Stands

These jack stands also boast of heavy duty construction and is perfect for small vehicles like Toyota Corolla and Honda Civics.

It can handle up to 2 tons which means each side of the stand will be able to balance a ton each. The lift is range is from 10.4 inches to as high as 16.4.

The powerzone might not be on the top 3 of the best jack stands but is still  an excellent product especially if you are on a budget as you can get it for under 30 bucks.

best jack stands

What To consider when looking for the best jack stands

  1. Type of car

Jack stands come in different weight capacities and height. The most important question you should be asking yourself is what is your car’s ground clearance and weight?

Shorter jack stands will be appropriate for cars that don’t weigh a lot and are low to the ground. The BWM M3 is a good example of such vehicle.

Longer jack stands are for vehicles that weigh more and there is a is a distance between them and the ground. SUVS will need a taller stand to touch the bottom of the vehicle especially when the wheels are off the ground. If you own a Cadillac escalade then you must have experienced the challenge of having to reach the car’s bottom when on shorter stands.


The built quality is also important when looking for the best jack stands. It is always advisable to buy something that will last a long time. The price might be higher but you are sure of getting the best quality.

Jack stands are always rated with capacity but there are factors involved which are common across. The ability to withstand corrosion is an important consideration.

The  finish should be smooth and welds bead should be even. We also recommend you read reviews like this one if you intend to buy the product online.

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