Best Double Din Head Unit

Are you looking for the Best Double Din Head Unit  to upgrade your car stereo system? Do you ever recall those long trips you’ve been to before? I am sure you remember how boring they were. So much boring, in fact, you had to pull over to every next stopover.

When all you are used to hearing on a long trip is your car’s engine and the sound of the rushing wind, you will always get bored, always.

I have been a driver for over 10 years now. The first few years were dang too boring. I had to drive to every gas station if I had a long trip.

Let’s be honest, driving only gets better with music. And if you are a music lover like me, you’ll definitely fall in love with the best double din head unit.

Top 6|Best Double Double Din Head Unit 2017

  • Best Recommendation
    Ute sit dolor lobortis.
  • Pioneer AVH-4100NEX
  • Inches:7.0
  • GPS:Compatible
  • Highly Recommended
  • Pioneer SPH-DA120
    Mod et verteren usu.
  • Inches:6.2
  • GPS:Compatible
  • Recommended
  • Kenwood DPX501BT
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  • Analog
  • GPS:Not compatible
  • Recommended
  • Jensen VX7022
    Mod et verteren usu.
  • Inches:6.2
  • GPS:Built-In
  • Recommended
  • Pioneer AVH-X4800BS
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  • Inches:7.0
  • GPS:Compatible

1.Pioneer App Radio 4 SPH-DA120 6.2-Inch Capacitive Touchscreen Smartphone Receiver Display

The Apple’s Carplay integration in this double din head unit is great. It is not just a work of technical art. It is also more of a social art that prioritizes your well being as a driver. With Carplay integration in place, it is easy to make phone calls and reply text messages without touching your phone.

Apple Carplay allows you to reply text messages with your voice.What an incredible technology; definitely a must-have.

Overall, Carplay feature takes away the inconvenience of having to pull over to the sideways when you get an important call.

But Pioneer’s App Radio Smartphone Receiver Carplay isn’t just integrated for phone calls and text messaging. It also integrates maps, allowing you to set your destination so that you can travel with ease.

The Bluetooth microphone of this double din head unit is very clear. The clarity of this one makes it more powerful than many of the devices on the market today.

When making phone calls through this microphone, the sound comes out quite clear. The sound quality is high. So high, in fact, it sounds like you are just holding your phone on your ears.

The Bluetooth connectivity of this system is more advanced than for other pioneer receivers. Besides connecting your devices seamlessly, it can also detect the distance between your car and your Smartphone. If your iPhone or Android device is not near your car, this dual din head unit will send you a popup notification and ask ifyou would like to establish a connection again.

Many head units always get their radios wrong. In fact, many don’t always work up to the level of expectation that you would want for your car. However, Pioneer is different. They always get it right for all their double din car stereos. And they have integrated the best in this one. Their radio always connects more reliably, and faster. With a wide range frequency for both AM and FM, you can enjoy your favorite radio station without losing radio signals from the onset of your journey until you reach your destination.

Pioneer App Radio 4 SPH-DA120 6.2-Inch Capacitive Touchscreen Smartphone Receiver Display is one of the best double din head unit because it comes with a high quality auto equalizer. You have the total control of the EQ. So you can do the sound mixing until you feel you have something better. The default settings of the auto EQ should work just fine, too. So if you have never used an EQ before, you really don’t have to worry about it at all thus making a good choice if you are looking for best double din head unit.

best double din head unit

2. Pioneer AVH-4100NEX In-Dash Multimedia DVD Receiver with 7″ WVGA Touchscreen Display

A modern car deserves more than just music speakers. You want to have a true musical experience after all and only the best double din head unit can provide this. And that’s why you shouldn’t let the revolution of car music pass you by.

Pioneer has worked their butts so hard to bring you Pioneer AVH-4100 NEX In-Dash Multimedia DVD Receiver, a seven-inch double din device with 100% customizable touchscreen display.

This receiver belongs in the line of the best double din head unit with highly responsive display. Known to add the best needed comfort to your car, this 7” receiver is by far the best choice for a modern driving lifestyle.


Pioneer AVH-4100 NEX In-Dash Multimedia DVD Receiver is feature-packed. Here is a brief overview of the most popular features of this double din head unit.

  • Apple Carplay

Sure, Pioneer engineers have been engrossed with Apple Carplay for far too long. But they aren’t the only one.

Of course, this integration was necessary for the sake of folk who own Apple iPhones.

Apple Carplay remains the safest, smartest, and fun way to use your iPhone in your car. And there are many benefits of this integration.

The Carplay enables you to access all your messages with just single touch of your screen. By the way, you can also access those messages by saying a word because Apple devices now support voice recognition.

In addition to allowing  you to make calls without having to pull over or get easily distracted on highway, Apple Carplay allows you to listen to your favorite music straight from your phone’s music library. Also, this feature allows you to use Maps when driving.

  • Android Auto

Every driver easily gets distracted from time to time. Sometimes it becomes so hard to stay focused on the road ahead. This is where Android Auto comes in.

This feature gives you meaningful information organized into cards that appear only when you need them.

The goal of Android Auto is to minimize distraction as best as possible. This helps you to stay focused and drive safely from your departure to your destination.

There is no denying that this feature is crucial. However, it has two drawbacks.

One, it is only available for Android version 5.0 or later. That means those who haven’t upgraded their Android Operating System cannot use this feature.

Two, Android Auto is not yet available in all countries. And even in the countries where drivers have access to this feature, there is no guarantee that it will work in all regions but it works in most US States.

  • Enhanced User Interface

Because it has an artistic user interface than most of the pioneer receiver series, Pioneer AVH-4100 NEX In-Dash Multimedia DVD Receiver is by far the best double din head unit for the money.

The user interface is not just responsive; its touchscreen is easy to navigate.

Most importantly, the already enhanced user interface is easy to customize. That means you can edit your UX settings to adjust the display to look different from the default layout.


  • It has a friendly user interface. For a more intuitive UX experience, Pioneer made the interface customizable.
  • Android Auto helps drivers  to stay focused throughout their journey
  • It is the most improved version of DVD receivers with touchscreen in the Pioneer DVD receivers’ series.
  • It allows you to use your phone without getting easily distracted.


  • Android Auto is country-specific. It does not even work in some regions of the supported countries.
  • This receiver is somewhat pricey but you get your money’s worth.

best double din head unit

3. Pioneer AVH-X4800BS 7″ Motorized DVD Receiver

Pioneer VAH-X4800BS is a seven-inch motorized DVD receiver with a powerful, customizable user interface.

The simplicity of this device makes it super easy to use which makes it one of the best double din head unit out there. And you can customize the interface to look different from the default.

The motorized DVD receiver has been improved over time, and it is now more responsive as opposed to many traditional touch panels.

It has clear and resistive touch display that provides users colors that are more vibrant as well as amazing touch sensitivity.

Moreover, its price is unbeatable. Folks like to call it the best DVD receiver for the money because it has so many great features to show for it.

With a one-cable connection designed for the App Radio that comes with Pioneer Motorized DVD Receiver, you can view and control the content of your iPhone or Android Smartphone right from the comfort of your car.

A one-cable connection is also possible via external USB cables, but this integration is only possible for iPhone 5 and handy Android devices.

The cables used in this case are Pioneer CD-IU52 for iPhone 5 and Payoneer CD-MU200 for the selected few Android phones.

With your content always available with just one connection, there is no denying that this DVD receiver can give your digital lifestyle a completely new driving experience.

Let’s face it; without the Bluetooth connectivity function, the lifestyle in your car is pretty much old age. People easily get distracted by phone calls when driving, and sometimes they have to pull over. Other time connecting your music system becomes somewhat tedious. But thanks to Pioneer VAH-X4800BS 7” Motorized DVD Controller, life in your car can’t get any better.

The Bluetooth wireless technology supports hand-free calling, so you can receive calls or call out without the need to pull over or getting distracted.

And, the ability to access your music files on the go, including favorite artist list and recent albums, makes this the rarest and the best double din head receiver for the money. The fun part is, once you connect your phone to the receiver via Bluetooth, you never have to touch your iPhone or Android Smartphone again, because the Bluetooth connectivity allows you control everything from the receiver’s screen.

That’s not all there is to Bluetooth connectivity. The connectivity includes a Wideband Speech Hands-free Profile version 1. 6 to help with call quality reception for both a caller and a receiver.

And with the ability to double call frequency bandwidth, you can get high quality call frequencies similar to the Frequency Modulation reception.

Because Spotify is integrated in this DVD receiver, you can get access to Spotify apps on your iPhone or Android devices. You have the ability to play the tracks that you like. Also, the Spotify allows you to browse playlists and albums of your choice any time you like.

Moreover, you have the freewill to listen to your favorite radio station on the go. You get all these for free.

There is also support for Spotify premium. This option enables you to enjoy ad-free music and radio experience, even when you do not have an internet connection.


  • The user interface is not just simple; it is friendly and easy to use, too.
  • You get access to Spotify for a better musical experience
  • It has a 14W RMS. This provides your stock speakers ample power.
  • It gives you full customization control


  • The album won’t show via Bluetooth
  • The Queue feature on iPhone won’t work with the head unit.

best double din head unit


4.Jensen VX7022 2 DIN Multimedia Receiver

The day you used to struggle to get the best double din head unit are over.

Jansen VX7022 DIN Multimedia Receiver is all you need to give your personal car a boost.

It falls in the category of the best double din head unit  if you want to give your car’s audio system a new look.

Now, this device is more than just perfectly priced. Besides not being a bank breaker, it is feature packed.

First, the ability to customize it gives you the power to take full control of the device. Few receivers, if any, allow you to have the kind of control that this device gives you anyway.

Features of this System

  • Bluetooth System

If you are looking for the best DVD receiver that has the most powerful Bluetooth system, this device is the right one for you.

The built-in Bluetooth system offers you access to your phone book as well as hand free usage.

You are also able to stream your favorite music straight from your blackberry, android, or iPhone device.

  • A booster for your car’s speakers

This DVD receiver is more than just a Bluetooth enabled device. It is rated as the best stereo that can give the speakers for any car a boost.

This boost is great because it helps to deliver the best music experience that makes your car stand out especially if you have an aftermarket amplifier.

And with a built-in DVD/CD player, you can play your favorite music from a CD or DVD just fine.

  • MHL Ready Head Unit

Jensen DIN multimedia receiver is an MHL ready head unit. This unit is easy to customize and install. It has five backgrounds and User Interface colors that you can use to give the unit a new look.

Also, the head unit allows you to mirror anything that is on the screen of your smartphone. This is not just good for accessing your phone, but also for a better on screen display.

In addition to the colors that you can use to give this dual head unit a custom look that matches your taste are the RGB colors that you can optimize to match the interior of your car.

  • The iGo Primo Navigation System

Are there places you would like to go but you simply can’t because you are afraid you will get lost? You don’t have to deny yourself the adventure all the time. Especially because Jensen DIN Multimedia receiver has a high quality in-built navigation system that can guide you to any place that you would like to go.

Pros of Jensen Double Din Multimedia Receiver

  • The user interface is not only sleek, but also easy to use
  • Unlike other double din head units, Jensen Double Din Multimedia Receiver has a sharp, clear, and bright display.The biggest advantage of this double din head unit over other multimedia receivers is that Bluetooth connectivity is automated after the initial sync. That means you won’t have to pair your devices over and over again.
  • It has a clear radio reception. You need to make sure you buy a high quality antenna to get  clear radio frequencies.

The disadvantages of this product:

  • If you are in a bad glare, the visibility of this  head unit is not guaranteed.
  • The navigation system won’t work in some back roads.

Best double din head unit

5.Pioneer Dash DVD Receiver

This double din head unit is the one gadget that has gotten so many car owners talking. When  it comes to unique features like GPS navigation, car play, and satellite radio, this product has it all. While some features of double din head unit may not be necessarily useful all the time, it still has everything you need for a perfect receiver all in one place.

Known as a luxurious DVD receiver that money can buy, this product seems to be a perfect fit for people who prefer a buy-once-and-for-all kind of gadget for their vehicles and is one of the best Double din head unit in the market right noe. If you want to modernize the stereo of your car,  or you simply want to upgrade to something more exciting, this one is for you.

The features of this receiver:

  •  Unique backup camera

The camera system of this DVD receiver is up to par as opposed to many cheap alternatives on the market today. The quality if the camera is proven by the clarity if the images that come out so nicely. Moreover, the camera gives you a nice viewing angle that is hard not to love.

  • Support for AM/FM radio stations

Everyone listens to radio, sometimes every day. So the inclusion of  AM and FM radio in this double din DVD receiver is a plus. The AM and FM stations supported by this product comes out quite strong. And apart from the signals being as powerful as those of stock radio, it also displays the audio information of the FM radio. This allows you to switch between frequencies that you love.

  • A backup camera for the receiver

The camera system of this DVD receiver is up to par as opposed to many cheap alternatives on the market today. The quality if the camera is proven by the clarity if the images that come out so nicely. Moreover, the camera gives you a nice viewing angle that is hard not to love.

  • Bluetooth connectivity

This DVD receiver would have fallen short outright without Bluetooth connectivity. Luckily, it has a powerful connectivity for both music as well as outgoing and incoming phone calls. The Bluetooth connectivity read your album/artist information with ease, so you can play any music you want directly from your phone as you drive your car. The support for incoming and outgoing calls allow you to communicate with other people without diverting your attention from the road just as a the best double din .

  • Smartphone integration compatibility

This DVD receiver gives you the ability to create a connection to your iPhone or iPod. Once connected, you are free to play your favorite music through the optional CD-IU51 interface for 30pin devices. It us important to keep in mind that the 30 pin interface is sold separately. Also, this  receiver supports CD-IU52 device, which, again, is sold independently of this device.

  • Sound and  resolution (display)

The display of this double din unit DVD is 6.2 inches. That is big enough for system navigation. You can click on single options without touching what you do not want to lay your hands on. Also, the display is set to show all the options you need , all in one place. Because of its powerful direct digit signal transfer, the wired USB connection of this device can provide you clear sound than most of the receivers out there.


  • I do not like the idea that pioneer locks a user out of Bluetooth pairing unless they gave their parking brake wire connected.
  • Its user interface is not a work of art.

Best Double Din Head Unit

6.Kenwood DPX501BT 2-DIN CD Receiver with Built in Bluetooth

This isn’t the first device from Kenwood, but it is – by far –  one of the the best double din head unit for those who love music. With safety and sound added to the new model of the company’s series of Kenwood devices, the demand of its audio devices increased by leaps and bounds so far.

To begin with, Kenwood DPX501BT 2-DIN CD Receiver is a 110% improvement of the older double din unit. When it comes to wireless connectivity, Kenwood DPX501BT offers a seamless connection. And with improved sound quality that’s unmatchable with earlier versions, the newer version of Kenwood double din series is a perfect pick for the bucks. We believe that this version is a grab-and-go device that is hard not to love.

So far, Kenwood 2-DIN Receiver with Bluetooth has improved from being just a normal receiver for people under budget to one of the Best Double Din Head Unit.

Unlike earlier versions, this one is a dual control system. You can now operate it manually as well as remotely. The two most popular remote devices designed for this double din receiver are watering wheel and traditional remote control. What’s more, this receiver has improved from a tedious tool to an easy-to-use device. The ability to configure your settings give you the power to take full control of your display settings.


Kenwood is said to be the most popular device in the category of car stereos. And there are so many features to prove this claim.

This double din unit includes FM radio with a high frequency range of between 87.9MHz and 107.9MHz.

It also integrates an AM radio. And although the frequencies of the AM radio fall in a shorter range, between 530kHz and 1700kHz, this range is still powerful for this double unit din.

Kenwood DPX501BT 2-DIN CD Receiver has an operating voltage of 14.4V and an operating temperature of between 0 degree Celsius and 40 degree Celsius.

Apart from a CD drive that is based on digital filter, this receiver includes a support for 3 band unit system and FAT file system.The tuning system include mid treble and bass.

The FAT Universal Serial Support complies with the Window Media Audio.Overall, you have your music system all under control with this device.

Additional features that make Kenwood receiver stand out is the Aux input, a powerful amp, and Bluetooth version 3.0.

This version of Bluetooth has a powerful communication range; it supports connect for up to a maximum range of 38.2 feet. Keep in mind, though, that Bluetooth version 3.0 connectivity only works with the latest versions of iPhone and Android smart devices.


  • The system has stylish and colorful buttons. A user can decrease or increase the backlight of each button as per his or her wish.
  • The ability to customize illumination and display colors according to your choice gives you full control over backlight display.
  • The USB of this double din head unit can read a variety of file systems.
  • The 3 band sound control is an important merit of this device.
  • Kenwood Sound Receive with Bluetooth also supports access to online music stores, which means you can enjoy your favorite lyrics any time of the day as long as you are connected online.
  • This receiver supports sound reconstruction. This makes it possible to get different sound modes from a single music file.


It does not have touchscreen features. So this is not a good double din head unit for you if you do not like clicking buttons.


Best Double Din Head Unit

Cheapest Double Din Head Unit

Not everyone has the budget to go for high end devices that is why we have also included the cheapest  double in head unit you can get. They may not have all the functionalities of the best double din head unit but  perform just as good as the high end double din head units.

Pioneer FH-X720BT 2-DIN CD Receiver

This has to be one the cheapest double din head units you will find in the market today. You can get for less than 150 bucks. The deck provides you with the ability to make hands free calls and stream music  from your Smartphone or popular streaming apps like Spotify and Pandora. It has great functionality, looks cool and is a double din head unit.

From  design perspective, the outlook has some impressive aesthetics and the hardware and button layout is pretty intuitive. You have a multi-control button in the middle that access different menu options that controls the volume.

The audio menu offers the ability to boost your base from 0-6 with 6 being the highest. You also have loudness option and the functionality to control the subwoofer straight from the double din receiver.


  • plays CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs, and USB memory devices (
  • Advanced Sound Retriever (ASR) for improved sound quality from compressed music files
  • Easy EQ 5-band equalizer with seven preset tone settings
  • 3-level loudness
  • low-pass and high-pass filters
  • subwoofer level control

Best double din head unit

 Kenwood DPX302U Receiver

This is another receiver that you can get for less than $150. It is easy to use straight of the box and offers different music connectivity options and can be used by both Iphones and android. The 4 tall colour display gives you several options when it comes to aesthetics.


  • CD receiver with AM/FM tuner
  • built-in MOSFET amplifier (22 watts RMS/50 peak x 4 channels)
  • plays CDs, CD-Rs and CD-RWs, including discs loaded with MP3 and WMA files
  • plays USB drives with MP3, WMA, WAV, and FLAC files
  • 13-digit variable-color display
  • 3-band equalizer with 8 preset EQ curves
  • low-pass filter (sub preamp output)
  • Bass Boost and loudness controls

Best double din head unit

 Sony WX-900BT Double Din Receiver

This Smartphone-friendly receiver will set the mood in your car for whatever kind of journey you are taking. It has a one-touch Bluetooth pairing capability which makes it easy to enjoy music from your favorite streaming apps on both Android and Ios.

What is impressive about this receiver is the fact that it has Songpal, a voice-controlled app that seamlessly manages your playlist and also help with navigation and even read your emails. The Sony Sony WX-900BT is up there with the best Double Din head unit when it comes to performance and functionality.


  • Variable button illumination with 2 zone illumination to match your factory button color
  • Button Illumination has Sound and color synchronization for DJ like effects
  • Dimmer and brightness control
  • Built in Bluetooth for phone calls and wireless audio streaming
  • Voice control from smartphone via Bluetooth connection
  • Siri Eyes Free voice control for iphone
  • Carbon Fiber faceplate for extra clean look
  • Displays CD text and MP3 ID3 Tag including title, artist & album
  • Steering wheel control input
  • Front USB input for thumb-drives

best double din head unit

Best Double Din Head Unit Buyer Guide

The multimedia receiver market soils many buyers with tons of choices almost every month. Every seller claims that their product beats all other brands on the market. And with each product having verified purchases reviews online, it is hard to judge the efficacy and value of any double din head unit from the face value. But that does not mean you cannot get the best double din head unit for the money. To help you in making your purchase decision, here  is a shorthand guide that can help you spend your money wisely.

Touchscreen vs button press

In our product roundups above, we mentioned that some products have touchscreen features and some are button-based. These devices were built this way to meet consumer preferences. So at the end of the day, the product you choose depends on your personal choice. Some people prefer touchscreen units because they are easy to use. Some people are perfectly fine with touch pads. When it comes to choosing the best double din head unit based on this feature, there is really no noticeable drawback.

Connectivity options

When it comes to choosing the best double din head unit for your car, you have to keep connectivity  in mind. Oftentimes people put more value on Bluetooth connectivity because this helps to integrate their smart devices with their cars. But there is more to look at than just the Bluetooth feature. With GPS navigation integrated in almost all these double din head units, you want to make sure your device can connect to the internet with ease. At the end of the day, it is not possible to use the navigation system of best double din head unit without the internet.

Device support

Before you dig into your pocket to buy the best double din head unit for your car in 2017, check to make sure that the unit can support your handheld devices. It is good to go for a dual din head unit that supports both Android and iPhone devices, so that you can use either of the phones anyway. Also, check if they support additional mobile operating systems besides iOS and Android. And if you are the ilk of a driver that loves to push the envelope before buying car accessories, examine the mobile features that these double din head units support.

Don’t forget the money

There are reasons why each double din head unit comes at a varying price. One of these is to allow customer like you to choose the best system that fits the pocket. You don’t want to break the bank, and you  don’t want to miss buying a double din head unit either. And now that there are a variety of products at different price range, you can buy a multimedia receiver that is within your budget.

Check Customer Reviews

One of the biggest drawbacks of buying goods online is that the internet is flooded with hundreds of sellers and tons of paid, scrapped, spun, or made-up reviews. Some reviews are almost always truly compelling. And, if anything, they can lure you into clicking the buy button. Well, not so fast. One of the things I have always encouraged people to pay attention to is to buy only from reputable stores. Doing so not only gives you access to verified reviews written after verified purchases but also gives you the confidence to buy and the assurance that you are spending your money only on the best product. The same applies when it comes to buying  the best double Din head unit.


There you have it folks, an in-depth review of the best double din head units on the market today. With this guide, you should be able to make informed purchase decision and buy a product that worth the money. More importantly, this review will help you buy only what fits and adds value to your car.