Android auto head unit

Have you thought of having the best Android Auto Head Unit in your car?  Driving will be easier and safer, as you get to keep your hands on the steering wheel and still use your phone.  You can get all the information you need about lane guidance, traffic, and navigation assistance in real-time from goggle maps by connecting your android phone through cable.

The interface is straightforward, and allows you to use your android phone to get helpful information without touching the device.  You can make or receive a phone call, send text messages, control music, get directions and even check voicemail.   You do all this by merely speaking as an Android Auto Head Unit has the best technology in voice recognition.

The unit links your touch screen vehicle stereo to your android phone.  You use the android auto app which you download to your phone.  Once you download this app, everything else is a breeze.

If your phone is not compatible with android auto, you will find that you will not be able to download app. The good thing is that even the cheapest android auto head unit willl still do an excellent job for all your infotainment jobs.

Does reading the above make you want to have the best Android Auto Head Unit?  Here below is our review of the 6  best of these units to aid you in your purchase decision.

Top 6:Best Android Auto Head Unit

  • Best Recommendation
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  • Kenwood DDX9703S
  • Inches:6.95
  • Android Auto & Apple Car Play
  • Highly Recommended
  • Sony XAV-AX100
    Mod et verteren usu.
  • Inches:6.4
  • Android Auto & Apple Car Play
  • Recommended
  • Pioneer AVH-290BT
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  • Inches:6.2
  • Recommended
  • Pioneer AVH4200NEX 2
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  • Inches:7
  • Android Auto & Apple Car Play
  • Recommended
  • JVC KW-V130BT
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  • Inches:6.2

1. Kenwood DDX9703S 2-DIN In-Dash DVD/CD/AM/FM Car Stereo

This car stereo is from Kenwood and is both Apple Car play and Android Auto compatible.  It is a feature rich, high quality and reliable head unit with a user friendly interface.  This particular stereo is cheaper than the previous DDX9703S but has better functionality on all the features.  The Android Auto Head Unit on this stereo works great, and is a huge improvement on the one on a previous but similar model.

Product Features It has the Kenwood in-dash receiver for the DDX9703S model.

  •  Its touch screen display is 6.95 inches, VGA, color, and LCD.  It is clear and resistive and has LED backlight.
  •  Its power output peak is 50 Watts X 4 channels.  RMS is 17 Watts X 4 channels.
  •  It has a radio tuner with 18FM and 6AM presets.  It has a built-in HD radio.
  • It is capable of dual phone connections and has android rapid charge.
  • It is Pandora and Spotify app ready and has Siri Voice control.
  •  It is both android auto and apple Car play compatible.
  • It is made with built-in Bluetooth technology which allows audio streaming and hands-free talking.  It works well with most Bluetooth enabled smart phones and has a maximum communication range of 32.8 feet.
  • It has the latest playback and audio features.  It has a 24-bit digital to analogue music converter for high-res playback.
  • It is compatible with iOS 8 software and Apple 6 and 6+.
  •  It has a 13 band graphic equalizer and a rear USB unit that is detachable.
  • It has front, rear, and subwoofer 4V preamp outputs.
  •  It can be expanded.  It is possible to subscribe to SiriusXM satellite radio which is sold separately.
  •  It has front and rear view camera’s dedicated backup inputs.
  •  It also has rear video output.
  •  Its microphone is superb for calls while you are in the car.
  • Sound is crisp and outstanding


This radio is just great if you are a stereo geek.  It has plenty of options to tweak equalizer, crossover and others.  It is highly upgradeable with SiriusXM, front camera, HDMI, and navigation system.  GPS acquisition and boot up are remarkably quick.  You cannot go wrong with this stereo receiver.  Go get yourself this perfect radio for your car.

Android auto head unit


  1. Sony XAV-AX100 6.4″ Car Play/Android Auto Media Receiver 

This stereo receiver is both android auto and apple car play compatible.  It allows you to get help from your smart phone while on the road without getting your hands of the steering wheel.  It comes from Sony who is a reputable manufacturer. It has an amazing qualities that make it a must have.  Here below are its key features.

Product Features

    • With apple car play and android auto, the stereo allows very reliable voice control.
    • It has ergonomic rotary dial for a distraction-free operation.
    • With the dynamic stage organizer, you can create some virtual speakers on your dashboard.
    • It has a 6.4 inches touch screen with which you can control and view everything.
    • It produces powerful sound with its 4 X 55 W dynamic reality amplifier. The music is clear and dynamic even when the volume is high.
    • It is rear camera ready for a perfect view when reversing. If you have a rear camera installed, you can easily use it when packing.  The video feed comes on when you tap the camera icon or you start reversing.
    • It has a 10-band equalizer that allows you to customize your sound. It has three pre-outs that allow you to build your sound system.  You can plug in your desired sub woofers and amplifiers to customize your sound as well.
    • It has a fast resistive touch screen that does not have a glare.


The android auto head unit on this stereo functions superbly.  This is just the receiver you will want to go for because of its versatility, and perfect touch screen.  The receiver is just small enough to fit almost anywhere, which is great for most buyers.  The sound which comes from a stock BOSE head unit is just perfect.  Another plus of this receiver is having android auto in your vehicle for an affordable price.  If you get this stereo for your car, you certainly will never look back.

Android auto head unit

  1. Pioneer AVH-290BT Multimedia DVD Receiver 

This is a great in-dash video and DVD receiver from Pioneer.  It’s a perfect receiver that is a must buy.  It has excellent features that make it a favorite of many.  It comes at a great price as well.  It has one of the best android auto head unit.  Here are some of the features of this stereo receiver.

Product Features

    • It has a built-in Bluetooth that comes with a mic and a long cable for hand-free calling and audio streaming.
    • It has USB direct control which is used with iPhone and iPod.
    • It has a back up camera unit.
    • The DVD receiver is multimedia.
    • It has a 6.2 inches WVGA touch panel display that has LED backlight.
    • Details of the music you are playing in your car such as song, artist, album and time are displayed attractively on your touch screen.
    • The system has a USB connection that is wired and provides direct digital transfer of signal for a crisp, clear sound. While doing this, it provides 1 amp of current to keep your device charged.


This system provides clear crisp sound that is a delight to listen to.  Once you get this stereo receiver, you will be hooked.  It also comes in the right size and price.  Our recommendation is you go out there and get one of this for your car.

Android auto head unit

  1. Pioneer AVH4200NEX 2-DIN Receiver 

 This superb receiver from Pioneer is built with state of the art technology and features a top of the range android auto head unit.  It is also compatible with Apple phones.  The quality of this in-vehicle entertainment product is well above the usual car stereo.  This original Pioneer system is made just for your digital lifestyle.  The audio and video quality is top of the line, the connectivity is flawless and the product is very easy to use.  Here are the specifications to expect of this product.


Product Feature

  • It has a built-in Bluetooth that enables hands-free calling and audio streaming. You can use two phones at the same time.
  • It has a DVD and CD receiver with internal amp.
  • It has Siri eyes free.
  • It integrates well with SiriusXM Sxv300 tuner. It supports new tune mix, sports flash, traffic & weather now features.
  • It has built-in iPad, iPod and iPhone control. You can acquire an optional adapter for viewing video content.
  • The DVD receiver, which is avh-4200nex has Pioneer’s ‘network entertainment experience’9 (nex) which is a unique combination of cloud based services and built-in features that link your device to familiar apps and interfaces while driving.
  • It is a universal double din receiver with a 7 inch motorized display.
  • The resistive screen is adjustable, removable and very responsive.
  • It has HD radio.
  • You can play spotify.


This receiver from Pioneer has top of the range features that are what you have come to expect from Pioneer products.  Get yourself one of this for a truly thrilling experience.

android auto head unit

  1. JVC KW-V130BT Double DIN 

 This is an excellent stereo receiver from a recognized brand.  It does what you expect it to do.  Some reviewers have found this receiver to work better than what came with their vehicle.  Let’s look at its key features.

Product Features

    • You can use your apple phone, apple 6/6+ and iOS 8 software. For android devices, you need OS 4.1 and above.  This receiver has the best android auto head unit available anywhere.
    • It is possible to download JVC Music Play App and search for audio files by Artist, Genre, Album, Song, and Playlist.
    • It has playback and audio features.
    • It is an in-dash DVD/CD/AM/FM vehicle stereo, JVC KW-V130BT. It has a 6.2 inches WVGA, clear, resistive touch screen.
    • It has a peak power output of 50 Watts X 4 channels and RMS 22 Watts X 4 channels.
    • MP3 ID3 tag display shows title, artist and album.
    • It has a multilingual display in 17 languages.
    • For iOS devices, it has Siri Eyes Free.
    • It has an AM/FM tuner and has 18FM and 12AM presets.
    • The graphic equalizer is 13-band and has 8 selectable tone curves. 7 tone curves are preset and 1 is user.
    • It has K2 technology to improve the digital sound of music from all sources.
    • The sound system incorporates high pass and low pass filters.
    • It has 3.5mm rear auxiliary A/V input and front USB Input.
    • It has rear, front and subwoofer 4V preamp outputs.


This multilingual receiver is amongst the best money can buy.  Its price is quite good for its good quality.  Installation is not difficult and it is just the right size.  Get yourself this excellent receiver.

android auto head unit

  1. JOYING 7 Car Stereo

This product is a universal double din type from Joying and comes with excellent customer support before and after sales.  Information that is provided for this product is detailed and will go a long way in aiding your purchase decision.  This kind of excellent customer support speaks volumes of the manufacturer’s confidence in their product.  Here are the key features of this amazing car stereo from Joying.

Product Features

    • It supports many types of GPS navigation and offline/online maps. You can also listen to radio and music with navigation because it supports sound mixing.
    • It has Bluetooth 4.0 for improved sound quality and faster connections. With the Bluetooth feature, you have hands-free calling.
    • It has a Wi-Fi module built-in so you can connect to Wi-Fi and hotspots. This enables connections to the internet for browsing, video, music and others.
    • It has RDS/AM/FM radio. The stereo has features to allow you to rename radio stations to suit your interests.
    • The stereo is multi-lingual.
    • It mirrors images and sound from phone to head unit.
    • Videos are playable using web browser and navigation. The video player is system provided is able to minimize windows.
    • To save battery, you can set the system to sleep, while you continue to enjoy radio or music, or to standby.
    • It has a free NFC sensor to help you easily connect and disconnect Bluetooth and work with your NFC phone.
    • It has an auto dimmer which is time and light sensitive to alter brightness on the screen.
    • It also supports back up and DVR cameras which you can purchase separately.


This car stereo has unique features that will make driving a joy.  Get one for your vehicle and enjoy a digitalized experience when you get behind the wheel.  This car stereo has an excellent android auto head unit that you will really love.

Android auto head unit

Buying Guide for Android Auto Head Unit

A head unit is the most important aspect of your car stereo.  If you are not an iphone user then you will require an android auto head unit.   A head unit is important because you use it to control all the features of your car stereo.

Our focus here is the android auto head unit.  When shopping for one, consider the following two points.

You can shop by brand

  • Some of the popular brands you can select to buy are such as Sony, JVC, Pioneer, and Kenwood. Pioneer has a range of head units ranging from basic ones to high end car stereos with a wide number of functionalities.  With Pioneer, you can purchase one that has an in-built equalizer, a removable face which helps prevent theft of the unit, remote control and has good connection to your android device.
  • Sony has variety in head units and affordability. Options that one considers when buying a Sony head include efficient browsers that allow you to jump to songs quickly, crystal clear sound, USB inputs, and easy remote control accessibility.  Sony head units offer users plenty of functions.
  • Kenwood produce high quality head units, and optimize the sound production of their products. With Kenwood, you can expect maximum power, built-in equalizers and bass boost on some models.  Kenwood car stereos are known for their superior quality.
  • JVC combine affordability and superior quality. Features of JVC stereo heads include Bluetooth and phone book transfer capabilities, controlling radio through phone, text notifications and ability to play CD-RWs and CDs. Their stereos come with detachable faces to prevent theft.

After you have decided on the manufacturer you want to buy from, you can then choose the functionality you want in your car stereo.

You can shop by function

You may decide to buy a car stereo head that can perform any of the following.

  • Some stereo have CD Cassette player included. Most brands no longer include a cassette player but some vintage ones can be found that have this.  Modern units mainly include CD players as well as radios.
  • You may be interested in a head unit with the ability to play MP3. Portable MP3 players hold a lot of music.  Some stereos come with ports to plug in MP3 players so that you can have the ability to play your music without bringing along a large number of CD players.

Some models offer ability to plug in SD cards filled with music or use smart phones.  Varying inputs give you options to play your MP3s conveniently.

  • Bluetooth functionality offers you hands free options to use your stereo. Voice enabled technology allows you to perform a number of functions while keeping your concentration on the road.  You can take calls and dial numbers without even pressing a button.  Head units have built-in Bluetooth microphones and a headset can be plugged in if the user so desires.
  • Stereo head units can have a CD changer so that you can load more than one CD into the player and change the one playing at the press of a button. A head unit with this function makes playing CDs on the go easy and convenient.
  • High end models of head units have large screens which offer the ability to play DVDs. If you are a media lover or you want to offer top notch entertainment on a long journey to youngsters, this is the functionality to go for in a head unit.  Such heads often also have sound immersion, remote control, headphone jacks and the option to plug in more than one device at the same time for users who may want something different.
  • A steering wheel remote does not come with a head unit but is a fun extra feature that can be purchased separately. It is installed directly on the steering wheel and allows the driver to perform a number of functions by pressing buttons.  The driver can switch radio stations or songs, adjust equalizer, alter volume and perform other such functions.

If you consider the above two mentioned points, you will be able to purchase A double din  head unit that is suitable for you.  But do also consider the following points.

  • Consider how you listen to music in your car so that you can be able to determine what features may or may not be important to you. If you have plenty of music or podcast files stored on your phone or tablet, the best android auto head unit for you will be one that supports playback and music browsing.  As well, you can select music or just browse through the head unit.
  • If your digital music is not in physical storage media but you prefer streaming services, such as Pandora, Spotify, rdio etc, then your head unit must support app control. These units hook into your phone and directly control streaming radio apps.
  • USB Vs Bluetooth. Now available are head units that provide USB connections for non-apple devices.  Unfortunately compatibility is not always perfect.  Though your listening habits matter, Bluetooth may be the better choice.  Where Bluetooth is the preferred option, you require an android auto head unit that supports the A2DP Bluetooth protocol.