2018 Honda Odyssey

The 2018 Honda Odyssey is a refresh for Honda in the segment. As SUV continue to grow in popularity, Minivan sales have really taken a hit. This has not stopped manufacturers from introducing new models to the market.


When it comes to exterior design, it is not a priority among shoppers. That did not stop Honda from designing one of the most stylish vans on the market.

The elite trim comes with LED daytime running lights as standard. It is also standard on the touring trim which is one grade below. The headlights mimic what you would get in premium Honda products. You also get LED fog lights in the higher trims.

The front end has chrome pieces to give the van an upscale look. The wheel base is still 118 inches. The overall length is smaller than the previous generation.

On the side you get 19 inch wheels with black spoke which is new for the 2018 Honda Odyssey. Honda wanted to make the generation to look sleeker and that is why they made it lower and wider and the wheel base stays the same.

At the back, the chrome lights have completely been changed. There is a chrome strip that runs from one end to the other.


The 2018 Honda Odyssey comes standard with smart key access with push button and remote start. The Elite model has a moper interior color. There is a completely redesigned interior with an all new infotainment system which is very different from the previous generation.

The seats are very comfortable and supportive with 12 way power adjustment. They are heated and cooled. Stepping in you get a nice stepping height which is the same feeling you would get when you are getting into an SUV.

It rides on the new platform which underpins the pilot and ridgeline thus the interior is solidly built. Most higher trims in the Odyssey will have the updated display. It has traditional dials on the left and right for your coolant temperature and your fuel.

The interior is spacey and modern. Honda got rid of the traditional shifter and replaced it with a push-button transmission selector like in the pilot with the nine speed.

The dash is soft touch with faux stitching which is molded and it extends even to the instrument panel. The soft touch  is also extended to the door panels with accented high quality graining. The piano black trim extends to the door handle. The windows are one touch for all the 4 doors which is a new feature in the 2017. There are 2 level of storage in the door compartments which is typical of vans.

The steering is also new and it is a 4 spoke design which is fitting for a van because you can rest your hand when you are in longer trips. The wheel has paddle shifters which is first for a minivan. Honda wanted to give buyers with a 10 speed auto the ability to chose their own gear.

The 2018 Honda Odyssey has an all new 8 inch head unit. This is disappointing given the fact that competitors are offering bigger displays. The layout has been redone. You have 3 different pages of apps which can be rearranged. The new Honda link system supports both android auto and apple car play.

The Odyssey is the first Honda to have a wireless hotspot  which will be included in the new Honda accord. The Garmin navigation system has been updated to include the new graphics. It works like a tablet and the response is quick and adaptive.

There is a new feature in the van which is called the social playlist. You can add music from your phone to the head unit directly using the social app. It can connect up to 7 devices which makes it a good vehicle for road trips.

Honda has but a camera on the ceiling and you can monitor what is happening in the rear seats using the cabin watch on the infotainment system.

When you put the vehicle into reverse, you get a backup camera with 3 different views and trajectory and parking sensors. There is no 360 camera which Honda mainly reserves for Acura products. There is also a blue ray player for the back seat entertainment system.

The sliding door is convenient if you have small children. Honda gives you captain seats for the rear. There is a removable middle seat. The seats slide laterally which is gaming changing and  makes getting to the 3rd row a little bit easier. The seats also don’t fold forward. You have to manually remove them in order to create space which can be a hustle.

There is a lot of leg and foot room even for a tall person in the second row. There are different ranges of adjustability with a recline function. The elite model has the rear seat entertainment system.

The third row also has plenty of space. A good minivan should give you the ability to carry up to 8 people with their luggage and the new Honda Odyssey does well in that respect.

The seats in the 3rd row are relatively comfortable and are trimmed in leather. Looking at the trunk, there is a new foot-activated power tailgate. The cargo area is where the minivan really excels compared to 3-row crossover. You get around 35 cubic feet of space. The third row seat does fall onto the floor. When you fall down the 3rd row, you get around 88 cubic feet of space. If you remove the 2nd row you get around 145 feet cubic feet of space.

Honda introduced the vacuum cleaner in the previous generation Odyssey when they refreshed and it is back again for the new generation 2018 Honda Odyssey.



Under the hood you get a 3.5-liter V6 updated with Honda’s earth dreams technology with variable cylinder management. You get 280HP and 260 pound feet of torque.

The elite model comes with the new 10-speed automatic. It is the first application of a front-wheel drive vehicle with a 10-speed transmission. The vehicle weighs around 4500 lbs and all the weight goes to the front wheel.


The new Honda transmission is up there with the LC in terms of smoothness and shift quality. For a van, the Odyssey hustles hard and will get to 60 in 6.5s which makes it one of the quickest vans in the segment and you also get paddle shifters which is a first for a van.

The steering is typical Honda in terms of its quickness and its precision. Honda could have made the steering wheel a little bit faster. The 2018 Honda Odyssey is exceptionally quiet and Honda has done an excellent job when it comes to sound deadening.

The front tires will break loose if you go heavy on the gas. The visibility is excellent and you have a commanding view of the road. In typical Honda fashion, the Odyssey has Honda suite of safety features. The adaptive cruise control does not come down to a full 0 miles per hour which is confusing because the civic and the CRV have the full range. Fuel economy is impressive. It is rated at 19 MPG in the city and 28 in the highway.


A base model for the new 2018 Honda Odyssey will start at just under $30000. The premium elite trim costs around $46600.