2017 Volkswagen Jetta

The 2017 Volkswagen Jetta continues to deliver a distinctive German flavour. The latest Jetta takes more of an American approach. The Jetta was introduced by Volkswagen back in 2011 as a cost- cutting measure and making a car is more aligned to American consumers.

Volkswagen enthusiasts were against the Jetta but the numbers speak volumes. The Jetta is Volkswagen best selling model. Just in June 2017, ten thousand people bought the Volkswagen Jetta outselling every other vehicle in the Volkswagen line up. Which begs the question, what makes the Jetta so appealing?


The design of the 2017 Volkswagen Jetta is very conservative. There have been minor updates to the Jetta over the years.2014 was the biggest refresh and in 2017, the company has made slight improvements on the Jetta.

There is a new headlight design with LED daytime running lights in all trim levels. There are 4 trims available for the Jetta starting at the base S going  all the way up to the performance oriented GLI.

The front of the car  has the corporate conservative Volkswagen design language. It looks like an Audi from certain angles. It may look boring but you can be sure than the vehicle will age with grace. On the side you get 16 inch wheels which is standard in the lower trims. The Jetta can compete with the Honda civic and the Toyota Corolla in terms of design. Overall, it is larger than competitors which translates into a bigger back seat.

Even if the the Volkswagen Jetta is a basic model, you still get the company’s smart key access with push button start.


Not a lot has changed in the interior of the new Volkswagen Jetta. They have the v tex leather seats which are comfortable and supportive. The upper trims will give you 6 way adjustable seats. It has an easy stepping height and you will not experience any problems getting into the vehicle.

The door is not as compact or solid as it should when it is shut. The push to start engine button is included but is not in the conventional position. Volkswagen has put it near the shifter.

The conservative look is consistent even in the interior. The dash looks like that of Volkswagen manufactured 10 years ago. It is all plastic on the dash but the upper trims give a softer touch. The door panels are also hard touch plastic which can be a pain since you will be resting your hands on them a lot. There is an aluminum accented door handle and the window is one touch automatic for both the front and the rear windows.

At the centre console, there is a slightly updated head unit. It is not the best head unit from Volkswagen as there others with all glass display. It has Android auto and apple car play which is a smart move as the most of the competitors like Toyota and Mazda don’t have. The screen is on the small side with 6.1′. There are impressive graphics when you are going through the presets. It does not have satellite navigation but gets the job done.

You get a nice backup camera when you put the vehicle on reverse. It does not have trajectory but comes standard with distance markers. The climate controls are manual and single zone with three level heated seats which you wouldn’t have expected in such a vehicle. The arm rest is nice and paddy and you get decent storage space. There is a conventional sunroof with dated  controls. The glove compartment has 2 levels of storage.

One of the strongest element of the 2017 Volkswagen Jetta is the gigantic back seat.  There is huge back room in the rear and even a 6ft tall person can be very comfortable in the new Jetta. There is also plenty of foot room and Volkswagen . There are no vents at the back in the new Jetta, instead pockets of storage space. There is a 12volt socket with no USB. The Jetta also has one of the largest trunks in the class. You get 15.5 cubic ft of space which is 2ft more than the nearest competitor.


There is a new 1.4lt Ts direct injection 4 cylinder. You get a 150 HP and 180 lb-ft which is more torque than you get in the Honda Civic. You get 28 MPG in the city and 38 on the high way with 6 speed automatic and the manual goes up to 28/40


This Volkswagen model is the one you buy when you are looking for basic transportation.  The Jetta is not quick however it is improving when you compare it with competitors especially in the American market.

The 1.4T is responsive  with very good low end torque. You will definitely feel the lack of horse power in the higher raves. The 6 speed automatic in sport mode gets the job done. When Volkswagen shifted to the Mark 6 platform, they got rid of the rear suspension in the early models. Volkswagen fixed that and the 2017 Jetta has a fully  independent suspension. The Jetta handling is better and much more controlled and less bouncy.

The car is relatively quiet as you don’t hear the engine and road noise is subdued.  The visibility is also great with big side mirrors and excellent forward and rear visibility. German cars are suppose to be sporty and Jetta does not pass that test. The steering is electric and quick enough but there is no playfulness and sharpness you will get in a German car.

In terms of the safety, the 2017 Volkswagen Jetta lacks the full suite of driver assistance technology. You do get blind spot monitoring, automatic  emergency breaking pedestrian protection.


The 2017 Volkswagen Jetta starts at $17700 for a base model  with a 5 speed manual. It is a grand cheaper than the Toyota Corolla and $500 cheaper than a Mazda 3S. If you want a comfortable ride with a turbo engine, the Volkswagen  Jetta is the car for you.