2017 Mazda CX-5

Mazda started a new design philosophy when they introduced the CX line in 2012 and the 2017 Mazda CX-5 is an embodiment of that philosophy. The CX line is the bestselling vehicle with Mazda moving over 100k units every year.

The first generation CX-5 was one of the most stylish crossovers in the marker and there was a refresh in 2016. The 2017 model does not look very new. There is an evolutionary approach with the design.


There is an updated version of the front grill, there are skinnier headlights with LED daytime running lights. LED headlights are standard on all the trims which is a new feature for 2017 unlike the previous models where you had to for the top tier to  get the same.

There are 4 different trims for the 2017 Mazda X-5. The grand select comes standard with 19 inch wheels. The dimensions have changed a lot in the new CX-5. It is about the same size as a CRV. Mazda lowered the car and made it a little bit wider. The higher trims have skinnier LED tail lights. You also get dual exhausts as standard on all the trims.

Mazda added a tail gate which is not an option in the previous generations of CX-5. The cargo capacity shrunk in 2017. With all the seats up, you are looking at 30 cubic ft of space and get around 50 cubic ft when the seats are folded.


The key comes with smart access system with push button start. The interior is easily recognizable as Mazda’s latest cabin design.  Mazda has been improving the interior of their vehicles over the years and the new CX-5 is no exception. You get white parchment leather which looks spectacular and makes a very good first impression.

The car has an easy stepping height just as you would expect from a vehicle in the segment. The door sounds very solid when it is shut. The engine is the familiar 2.5 ltr  sky active G 4 cylinder engine. It is a traditional engine and Mazda could have done better in the new 2017 Mazda CX-5.

The entire dashboard is soft touch with distinctive stitching. The door panels are also soft touch with consistent stitching. Only the driver’s window is one touch automatic. The door handle is aluminum ascent. There is an LCD color display for the gauges.

There is a 7 inch head unit that looks smaller. You get the basics you’d find in a car stereo with satellite navigation. There is no android auto or apple car play which is disappointing because competitors have it as standard option.

There is a basic backup camera with distance markers but no trajectory. There is also no parking sensors. It is high time Mazda did an overhaul on their head unit. Most of its competitors have parking sensors with 360 views. You get a standard sun roof in the higher trims but there is no panel roof.

In the back you get good leg room. The seats are also parchment leather just like in the front. You get a lot of foot space and Mazda included vents in the touring trims and up. The soft touch and the stitching have also been extended to the rear seats.


Not a lot has changed unfortunately when it comes to the engine. The only change was Mazda getting rid of the 2 ltr base motor with a manual transmission because the sales were not good. You now get a standard 2.5 ltr sky active gasoline direct injection 4 cylinder with high compression. This gives you 187 HP and 185 lb Tq. The car weighs around 3700 lbs because of the inclusion of sound deadening materials. You get 31 MPG if you go for front wheel drive and drops to 29 for the AWD.


There is improved refinement in the 2017 Mazda CX-5. The old one was sporty to drive but the downside was it had a harsher drive and was noisier.  The ride quality in the new CX-5 has become more softer and smoother while still retaining the sportiness. There is less road noise but you can still hear the engine noise. It is  a little bit coarse when you get it to the higher raves which shouldn’t be a problem if you prefer the sporty feel of the engine. The engine does start to become sluggish when it is pushed. If you are looking for more power then there are other options available out there.

The steering has always been Mazda’s hall mark and the CX-5 continues that tradition. It is quick and precise and does not lean too much.

In terms of driver assistance, the 2017 Mazda CX-5 is among the few models that has full speed range with adaptive cruise control. The older models will shut off at around 18 miles per hour. The new CX-5 will come to a full stop in traffic. You also get automatic emergency breaking, pedestrian detection, traffic sign recognition and active link assist.

The CX-5 can get to 60 in 8.5s which is .05s slower than the previous generations.


The price starts at $24000 for a base sport with front wheel drive. This a $2000 increase compared to the previous generation. The top trims can go up to $34000. The new 2017 Mazda CX-5 is a top with other players in the compact SUV segment.