2017 Honda Civic Si

When Honda decided to reengineer the civic line up, they promised 5 different chapters and 2017 Honda Civic Si is one of them and is the most popular sedan choice.

Si means sports injected but a lot of people don’t really know the meaning. With the Si lineup, you will always get more power compared to its other siblings.


Honda has done a good job in differentiating the new Si model by making it look like uniquely different. The first thing you will notice is the front fascia. It has the same front end of the civic hatchback.

There is a blacked-out grille with the front end splitter which add to aerodynamics. There is only one trim for the SI and you get LED daytime running lights which is the case for every civic model.

All Si models will be riding on 18 inch wheels with 235, 40 series rubber. The wheels look the same as what you get in the sport and touring hatchback which is a good thing.

The sedan is definitely the bigger option. The car is roughly about 5 inches longer than the coup. The extra length is all the rear overhang.

At the rear, you get LED accented tail lights as standard. There is also the rear diffuser and the center mount exhaust which Honda says they have tuned for the Si specifically to give it a more better sound and also to aid in giving you a little bit more power.

The trunk measures around 15cubic ft with lots of usable space. The seats fall down 60/40 and if you go for the more stylish coupe you get about 12 cubic feet of space. You don’t get a spare tire with the new 2017 Honda Civic Si.


Under the hood you get a 1.5 -liter turbocharged engine with direct injection. It does not have VTEC which has always been an SI trademark. The power is the same as the previous generation of SI. It makes 205 HP but makes 18 more lb-tq at 192.

The new 2017 Honda Civic Si is 100 lb lighter than the coup and the sedan and because it has turbo it has more torque. The power is realized at a lower RPM. 205 HP is nor realized at 5700.

Gas mileage is not important in this segment but still Honda made it best in class. It is 30% more efficient than the old model. You can get 28 MPG in the city and 38 on the highway on premium which is recommended for optimum performance.

Si are all front wheel drive and the new model is no different. A 6 speed manual is the only transmission available.


Honda includes their smart key access system with push-button start. It does not have remote start because it is a manual.

The Si has always been based on EX trim and it builds its features around it.  They have nice seats with very aggressive bolstering. They hug you well and look neat. The only downside is they are cloth which might be a turn off to some people. Honda has included 3-level heated seats for the first time even though the seats are cloth.

The materials are standard civic stuff. You have faux stitching on the dash which is soft touch. The door panels are soft touch as well and the windows are one touch automatic for only the front doors and not the rear.

The gauge display is in LCD and you can customize it to your own taste. When you put the vehicle into reverse you get a backup camera which is standard on every Si. You have 3 different views. Honda gives you the lane watch which is the only driver assist system that the Si offers.

The new Honda link infotainment system is missing navigation which used to be standard in the old models. You get android auto and apple car play which you can use as navigation but you won’t be able to access it if you don’t have a good reception.

There is a premium audio system that is 450 watts 10 speakers. It’s not branded and it does sound really good.

You get the standard storage from the Honda civic. There have replaced the manual handbrake with an automatic one. Sunroof is still included in the new model.

The space in the rear is decent. The current Civic has one of the largest rear seat rooms. There is lots of legroom and good foot space.


Every time you start the Si it defaults to its normal settings which is the comfort settings. Honda says it dials everything back.

The first thing you will notice about the 2017 Honda Civic Si is how quiet and refined it is. This can be both a good and a bad thing. It is missing the induction noise which the old K24 motor used to have.

When you put your feet down, it definitely has more mid-range pull. The sweet spot of the engine is between 3000-5000 RPM. There is a smidge of turbo lag and it gets to 60 in the low six seconds range which is not that fast.

Honda has greatly improved the chassis. The steering is incredibly direct, super quick and has great feedback.

The car has an adaptive damper and softens up when it is put into normal mode and the throttle response gets tailored back. The power does taper off slightly when you go past 5700 rpm. It does not have the same urgency and pull that the old 24 series motor had.

Honda gives you shift lights that lets you know when it is time to shift because the car very quiet. The rigidity of the new 2017 Honda Civic Si is about 25% more than the old one. In terms of the driving dynamics and the feel, the new Si is in a much bigger league Vs the previous generation which felt a little more harsh and less drivable in terms of a daily basis.


The car starts at $23900  which represents a $2400 increase over an Ex Sedan or coupe. It is still cheaper that its competitors like the ford Focus and the Golf GTI