2017 Genesis G90

Hyundai introduced the 2017 Genesis G90 because they realized full size luxury Sedans are an important model in any car luxury manufacturer. Hyundai is company known for value and inexpensive cars and has caught eye brows when it decided to enter a segment which was dominated by Mercedes and BMW.

In this particular segment, those who can afford luxury cars are extremely loyal. The genesis G90 represents the brand’s new model.


Genesis took a conservative route with the design. You can tell it is all new when compared to the previous model.

In the front end, Genesis is still trying to figure out the design language. There is a lot of similarities to the current Genesis G80 with the grill and headlights. You get adaptive high beams if you go for the 5-liter V8 and LED headlights is included.

Looking at the side, you get 19 inch wheels. The design on the wheels is for aerodynamics to reduce the drag when the car is going down the road.

Looking at the overall design, the 2017 Genesis G90 is a big vehicle. It stretches almost 205 inches long and has 124 inch wheel base. You can get the AWD on the twin-turbo V6 or the V8 which is a big advantage in the segment.

A big disadvantage of the 2017 Genesis G90 is the limited number of colors you can choose from. You only get 5 colors and that is brown, silver, white, gray or black. The interior is also offered in 2 colors only.


There is a new key system that comes with smart access with the push button start. The cabin looks very luxurious and it easily the best that Hyundai has ever done. It has very little resemblance to any Hyundai product in the past.

The seats are extremely comfortable and are 22-way adjustable on the driver’s side. They are heated and cool and the only thing that is conspicuously missing is the massage function.

Stepping inside, you can easily notice it is a luxury sedan because of the nice stepping height.  There is an all-new 3-liter twin turbo V6 engine. It is a new engine design which Hyundai has spent a lot of money developing it.

The dashboard has leather stitching across the entire portion and everything fits well. There is real aluminum and wood which accents the dashboard really well. The center stack has  a lot of buttons which are well labeled.

There is a huge 12.3 inch head unit display which makes the Genesis product much differentiated from any Hyundai product.

The leather stitching extends to the upper portion of the door panel. The window switches have a nice tactile premium feel to them and are all one touch automatic for all the 4 doors. They slow down when the shut so that they don’t slum.

The steering wheel has also soft leather with a bespoke design. The paddle shifters on the other hand do feel like plastic. The instrument cluster has a nice 7 inch display.

You get 360 degrees camera system when you put the vehicle intro reverse. It shows you trajectory and distance markers. The vehicle has parking sensors in both the front and the rear. The mirrors will fall down when you put into reverse and rear sunshade also does the same. The vehicle does not have automatic parallel parking functions which a lot of competitors offer.

The map function looks great with the 3d Views. The display is not touch screen and you will have to use the controller near the shifter to  operate it. Android auto and car play are missing in the system and it is hard to understand why a premium vehicle like the 2017 Genesis G90 failed to  add the functions.

There is the lexicon Audio system with 17-speakers, 900 Watts. It is class competitive and far less expensive if you look at the competitors. The standard size sunroof is included in all the trims.

The rear seat is important in this class of vehicle and the 2017 Genesis G90 lives up to the billing. There is plenty of leg room and the car can seat five even though there is a large-centered hump for the drive shaft.

The rear seats also have the soft close function and also sound as solid as the front ones when they are shut. There is plenty of LED lighting throughout the cabin. The sun shades are electronically powered and you don’t have to pull them manually every time.

You get heated seats with their own climate control. You can control the infotainment system from the back seat. The rear seats don’t fold. A power trunk is included as you would expect given the segment. The trunk has been shrunk compared to the previous model. You get around 15.7 cubic ft of space. You also get a spare tire.


There is a new 3.3-liter twin turbo gasoline direct injection V6.It makes good power and 333 HP and 376lb-tq. An 8-speed automatic is the standard transmission. This being a big sedan weighs 4700 lbs. Fuel economy has greatly been improved and you can get 17 MPG in the city and 24 on the highway.


The 2017 Genesis G90 is the kind of vehicle that spoils the owner. It is big, comfortable, quiet, luxurious and it is very fast.

With the new boosted 6 cylinder, Hyundai are going the direction of the competition. There is a slight hesitation off the line which could be as a result of the transmission or the turbo lag.

There are 4 driving modes available. There is the individual which you can customize based on your throttle, steering and suspension. There is also a smart mode which is adaptive whenever you put your feet down hard and will shift between sports, to eco to normal. There is also a sports mode and an eco one. You can always drive the car in sports mode and you won’t feel the harshness.

The engine is smooth and refined and makes a nice rave. The vehicle has adaptive air suspension which soaks up the bumps really well. The car is very quiet especially if it is in the individual mode. The engine noise is muted and the window noise is hashed.

There hasn’t been much tested data but the car go to 60 in 5.5 s. The V8 engine is a tad faster and get to it in 5 seconds.

In terms of safety, there is adaptive cruise control with full start and stop capability. There is also a tension monitoring to measure if you are sleepy. It has pedestrian monitoring and active lane keep assist.


The 2017 Genesis G90 starts at $61000 for a 3.3T. There are a ton of new features which might justify the pricing. The AWD is about $2500 more.