2016 Volkswagen Golf R

The 2016 Volkswagen Golf R is one of the best gas powered model from the company. The golf name is synonymous with car enthusiasts. The golf R has always been the pinnacle of the gold line up. The 2016 model seats above the GTI and is also the golf that comes with the All wheel drive and has the most powerful engine in its class. The Golf line of vehicles has been a big success for Volkswagen.


The styling is aesthetically appealing in the 2016 variant. The Golf R pumps up everything that you would find in a standard GTI trim Level. At the front you have LED day time running lights with adaptive ones being standard. The front end has its own unique grill and bumper with a nice subtle R logo. You get handsome 18 inch wheels machine spoke fine finish.

At the back there is a quad-exhaust which signifies it is the Golf R model. Some people may say the car is a little restrained if you look at its competitors like the Subaru STI and the Ford Focus RS. These cars have a more assertive styling. The Golf R is for those who pretty much want a performance car that doesn’t scream attention.


There is a standard smart key access for the Golf R with push button start. The interior is a restrained cabin with seats that are more aggressively upholstered with contrasting stitching. The car has easy stepping height even though you might feel like you are seating low. Shutting the door gives you that level of quality that you would expect in a German sports vehicle. The engine sounds nice when it is started with a subdued rave, not as obnoxious as you would experience in the Subaru and other competitors.

There is a soft touch dashboard with updated materials and everything fits into place with the piano black trim. The door panel is also soft touch with carbon fibre plastic with aluminum door handles. The windows are one touch automatic for  all the doors.

There is a new infotainment system for 2016 which includes Android auto and Apple car play. There is a 7 inch screen which is a small size but you kind of get the same size in competitions too. There are apps for audio books and Podcasts to keep you entertained while you are on the road.

You get a backup camera when you put the vehicle into reverse. You don’t get trajectory in the 2016 Volkswagen Golf R but there are parking sensors. The satellite navigation is a separate option. The arm rest is Volkswagen traditional style with a forward and backward movement. The glove compartment is decent and it also where the CD drive for the infotainment system is located.

There is a decent amount of space in the back seat. The floor is not flat but the leg room is plentiful. You also get vents in the back which is a first for vehicles in the class. The cargo area in the 2016 Volkswagen Golf R is the largest in its class. You get 20 ft cubic space with seats up and 50 when the seats are folded down. This significantly larger than what you would get in the RS or the STI. There is no spare tire that means you will have to buy one.


Under the hood of the 2016 Golf R you are looking  at the most potent version of the Volkswagen  2ltr TSI 4 cylinder. The application makes 290 HP and  280lb Tq. You get 25 MGP in the city and 31 on the high way which is a much better fuel economy than its competitors.


You will immediately notice the refinements you get  when driving the 2016 Volkswagen Golf R. You can easily daily drive because the seats are comfortable, there is a roomy cabin and the visibility is great. The steering on the golf is effortless and gets nice and heavy especially when going through curvy roads.

The suspension stays stable and flat although the steering is not as responsive as that in the RS. The car will get to 60 in roughly 5.3 seconds. The shifter and the clutch have an impressive feel.


The 2016 Volkswagen Golf R price starts at around $35600 which is a little bit cheaper than the Subaru STI and the Ford RS.